Why Should You Choose Ascent Physical Therapy?

We became physical therapists to help people just like you. We love our community and we want to see everyone healthy and pain-free. Especially you.

At Ascent, we can offer you:

  • Your Own Physical Therapist | You will see the same Physical Therapist every time you come to the clinic. Continuity of care results in less pain faster.
  • Faster Recovery Times | You will enjoy 1-hour appointments so your sessions could be fewer and you can return to all your favorite activities faster.
  • Enhanced Performance | You will have access to a full gym, which allows you to progress your abilities beyond the limited equipment in typical clinics.

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  • Learn natural ways to stop sciatica pain, the most being physical therapy. Learn what you can do to start the path to recovery.

  • The sooner you address the root of your pain, the less risk for long-term damage to your spine. Get helpful tips now to relieve your pain!

  • Take care of your body with an exercise plan, walking/running techniques, and body mechanics for long- lasting results.


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We love getting great feedback from our patients almost as much as we love to help them feel better.
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I Can Play With No Pain!

After 3 appointments, I can play with football no pain. My experience was very good. I felt very comfortable and it was very helpful.

- Levi A.

I’m very happy with the results!

I had very little mobility before I came to Ascent, but with the help of this great team, it’s been a few months and I have full mobility of my hand.

- Joel V.

From 1 to 10, I rate them a 12!

Ascent Physical Therapy was recommended by my medical staff, and it has been very successful in my recovery.

- Harvey S.

I won two medals at my meet!

After just a few visits my back was feeling better and I was able to not only compete but won two medals at my meet, qualifying for the state Special Olympics.

- Michelle M.

Thanks to Ascent, I am back and running!

After therapy and coaching from the staff, I am able to return to my regular activities.

- Mike H.

Now I can do just about anything without thinking about it!

Now I can do just about anything without thinking about it. I feel like I have a life again and can tackle the hard things that come up in my life.

- Nickie G.


Dr. Derek Lawr

Dr. Derek Lawr

Dr. Derek Lawr, DPT, CSCS, graduated from the University of Montana Physical Therapy and has been practicing outpatient orthopedic physical therapy in the greater Portland...

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Dr. Jonathan Rice

Dr. Jonathan Rice

Jonathan graduated from the University of Montana with his doctorate in physical therapy. As a physical therapist, he has worked with Olympic level athletes, weekend...

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Dr. Patrick Webinger

Dr. Patrick Webinger

Dr. Patrick Webinger, DPT, graduated from the University of Montana Physical Therapy Program and practices outpatient orthopedic physical therapy in Happy Valley. Patrick received his...

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Kristen Broadhurst

Born and raised in Oregon, Kristen takes advantage of all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. On the weekends you can find her hiking...

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Katelyn Leathers

Katelyn Leathers

Katelyn is a Sandy native who very much enjoys all the PNW has to offer. She has 3 children that she shares with her husband...

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Is your pain making difficult for you to concentrate?
Did you hope that it will go away but it’s still there?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those three questions, call us today and make an appointment to see one of our expert Physical Therapists. You will be able to share your concerns and receive a customized plan for your recovery.”

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Believe In Your Recovery

Your recovery is a destination and we believe you can get there. You CAN achieve your goals and overcome the barriers that are holding you back.

Your Recovery Is Closer Than You Think

Give your body what it needs for you to heal and allow it to reach its full potential.

You Can Reach Your Goals

Being injured is difficult, but you can achieve your goals safely and efficiently.

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