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23 1/2 hours

exercise 23 1/2 hoursI know I just posted on the blog, but like Murphy’s law of blogging states, “anytime you post you’ll find an awesome video to go with it 1 day later” or something like that. Here is a video called 23 1/2 hours(at the bottom of this page)that really continues the ideas from my last post. To make this even sweeter, it’s a video. It is made by Dr. Mike Evens MD and he has, frankly, an awesome website that I’m betting will be referenced here again.

We are going to continue to generate user friendly health content here so that we can continue to contribute to not only our physical community in Happy Valley, OR but to the growing resource of health informationfor our onlinecommunity as well. Make sure you check out Dr. Evens’s video since it sums up our post nicely and gives some specific ideas for starting to improve your health. Take note of the walking time he mentions in the Japanese study on reduction of high blood pressures. We will be getting back to that soon, and watch out for the sitting disease.