Our Practice

Why Ascent?

  • Doctorate trained physical therapists
    • We all have advanced training in research and case management, giving every patient person-specific interventions. We do not use aides or techs for any part of your care.
  • Dedication to patient care
    • We provide 1 hour appointments with our patients resulting in fewer sessions needed and a faster return to activity.
  • Enhanced performance
    • We have access to a full gym, allowing us to progress your abilities beyond the limited equipment in typical clinics.
  • Advanced interventions
    • Cutting edge practices in physical therapy making us industry leaders.
  • One-on-one model
    • You will see the same Physical Therapist every time you come to the clinic. Continuity of care results in less pain faster.
  • We check your insurance coverage for you
    • We do the leg work so there are no surprise bills, and we structure our sessions to keep your costs as low as possible.


Our Story

We became physical therapists to help people. Wide-eyed and ambitious, we set out into the healthcare world and quickly saw that not only could a clinic run more smoothly; but we could deliver better care for less if we focused on a research-based, patient-centered model instead of a traditional business model. With that in mind, we opened Ascent Physical Therapy, a clinic focused on patients and not profits. With patient care firmly our primary goal, we decided the next logical step would be helping our patients navigate the complexity of the healthcare and insurance system. We do this by working with local insurance coordinators and suppliers, maintaining our roots right here in the Pacific Northwest. Yeah, you could say we are local and sustainable; our Physical Therapists live in Happy Valley, OR. We love our community and are excited to be a bigger part of it as we grow.

Drawing from a wide range of experiences, backgrounds, and skill sets; we create unique interventions designed to achieve your goals safely and efficiently. If you have any questions, contact us today and schedule a consultation with us.

Ascent Physical Therapy’s Director Onsite


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