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Bunion Treatment Happy Valley Bunion Treatment Happy ValleyThe bunion is a common issue many people experience and it occurs when the big toe shifts inward, straining the joint. Bunion develop slowly and often people don’t notice until the situation is advanced. The bulging bump on the side of the joint can rub against your show and cause pain and, if untreated, there can be progressive arthritic changes in the joint. Bunions are caused through wearing shoes that are too narrow, as well as genetic predisposition.

Bunions can restrict your range of motion and cause excess strain for the plantar fascia which can lead to painful plantar fasciitis. Blisters and calluses are also common issues with bunions. Bunions are treated in a few different ways from wearing wider shoes that allow for more room for the toes to Ascent Physical Therapy where we strengthen the foot intrinsics and can use orthotic devices like toe spacers. If the bunion is very advanced and less invasive approaches are unsuccessful, we can help you contact a trusted Podiatrist for a surgical solution.

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