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Shoulder Pain Treatment Happy Valley

March 14th, 2018

Shoulder pain is a common problem for many people at some point their lives. One of the most mechanisms for shoulder pain onset we see most often is related to shoulder impingement. Shoulder impingement is the leasing contributor of shoulder pain, can cause grinding and mechanical irritation/inflammation of the shoulder tissues, and may lead to

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Cervicogenic Headache Relief Happy Valley

February 1st, 2018

Millions of people suffer from headaches every year. For some people headaches may be mild and rare, for others headaches may be consistent and debilitating. If you suffer from headaches that feel like they might cause your eye to pop out, there is a good possibility that they may be stemming from neck pain. Cervicogenic

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Tennis Elbow Happy Valley

January 3rd, 2018

Most people think Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis) and Golfer’s Elbow (medial epicondylitis) are caused by playing tennis or golf, but actually they can be caused by any repetitive tasks such as typing, lifting, gripping, and carrying objects. Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow are essentially the same issue, but one occurs on the outside of the

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