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How To Pick Your Physical Therapist

therapist How To Pick Your Physical Therapist

The Least You Need To Know:

  • You can always choose your provider, even if your insurance hasn’t contracted them as in-network.
  • Not every clinic operates in the same way and some are better suited to meet your goals.
  • If a clinic doesn’t allow you to see the same provider consistently you are not getting the best care possible.
  • If your program wasn’t made specifically for you,it will take longer to reach your goals

Things To Consider

You should choose your providers, every medical provider. Since your treatment is a collaborative effort to promote your wellness, make sure that who you put on your team is deliberate and reflects your values, needs, and goals.It is also important to pick your clinic because not all clinics are created equal. We wanted to highlight just a few of the things that we think make the best model of care, so you can navigate the world of PT competently.

1. One-to-one care: always and without exception physical therapy services should be delivered as one person and one physical therapist. We firmly believe that this is without question the best model for care, not only when insurance dictates (Medicare) this type of care but for every condition and every person. You should not be passed between providers having to retell your story which causes a lack of focus in treatment plans.Clinics that passed patients between providers were more than 12x more likely to have poor outcomes when working with back pain, according to research by The Journal of American Physical Therapy Association.

2. Specific and Specialized: you should look for a clinic that will provide specialized skills and create unique course of care designed just for you. According to the journal Spine, customized programs were found to reduce missed days at work and pain by about 25% when compared to “standardized” or “guideline” based programs. Look out for tired photocopies of generic exercises because they don’t work as well. Look for a clinic that will work specifically with you and assess your needs, adapting foundational exercises to meet your needs and inventing new and highly specific activities that are designed to maximize your recovery and potential.

3. Hour Appointments: Physical therapy is a unique discipline in medicine that depends heavily on patient education and teaching you how to help yourself. Teaching takes time. Ensure the clinic you visit takes time to help you get to your goals. Make sure that things are not rushed; you need time to learn new skills and your therapist needs to be able to help you master the skills to keep you healthy.

4. Evidence Based: You physical therapist should seek out the most current and evidence based practices. You should expect meaningful, concise treatments that have been proven effective. You deserve treatments that are proven, innovative, and specific to your needs.You deserve compassion and understanding to your challenges. You deserve the highest level of care.

Picking your physical therapist and clinic are important to achieving your goals. If the principles outlined above resonate with you, look in your community for clinics that provide these services. If you are in the Happy Valley, Oregon neighborhood, look no further than Ascent Physical Therapy. Ascent PT provides one-on-one care, specific and specialized interventions, hour long appointments, and is evidenced based in its approach. Feel free to give us a call and schedule a time to sit down and talk with your therapist. Still not sure? Check out what other people thought of their experiences with us on Facebook, Google, and Yelp

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