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Shoulder Pain Relief

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I’m happy to say I am fully recovered, have 100% mobility, and feel back to normal!

I received physical therapy after surgery from a broken clavicle. When I first came here, I had practically no movement in my shoulder and was in constant pain. I made sure to stick to my home routine designed by Derek and came into the office periodically for treatments. There were times that I felt like my shoulder would never feel normal again. But, after sticking with the physical therapy regimen, I’m happy to say I am fully recovered, have 100% mobility, and feel back to normal!

Erik O.

The shoulder provides a versatile range of motion and is comprised of three bones: the humerus, the scapula and the clavicle. This joint is the most mobile in the human body and allows circular, forward and backward movement. This wide range of motion is controlled by the rotator cuff.

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

There are a limitless number of conditions that can cause shoulder pain. One condition is a rotator cuff injury. A rotator cuff injury can be due to tendinitis, strain or a tear. People who use overhead reaching for work or recreation are at higher risk for rotator cuff tears. Bursitis is caused by an inflammation of its fluid-filled sacs. Rotator cuff tears or strains can occur after a fall or car accident

Other causes of shoulder pain include a pinched nerve, frozen shoulder or a dislocated shoulder. A pinched nerve is when another structure is impinging on a nerve. A frozen shoulder is where muscles, ligaments and tendons stiffen and become difficult to move. Activities are generally limited. With a dislocated shoulder, the ball of the humerus comes out of the shoulder socket. With age, the tissues around the shoulder can degenerate and cause pain.

Diagnosing The Cause of Pain In The Shoulder and Treatment

Your physical therapist will perform a physical exam to determine the cause of your shoulder pain. An assessment of joint stability and range of motion will also be performed. If appropriate you may also be referred to a primary care provider for an MRI or an X-ray to help with the diagnosis.

A physical therapist can help evaluate and treat a shoulder injury. The initial evaluation will be a thorough assessment about the nature of your pain. Specials tests will also be done to determine which structure is causing the pain. Cluster of tests can be as sensitive to pathology as advanced imaging but it is important that any one test in isolation may be misleading due to the wide range of possible shoulder injuries.

A physical therapist uses different treatments and modalities to treat shoulder conditions. Exercises generally consist of active shoulder motion, passive range of motion, using shoulder pulleys, shoulder scapular stabilization and rotator cuff strengthening. Other modalities of treatment include ultrasound, heat therapy, electrical stimulation, massage, joint mobilization and cold therapy. These treatment modalities are a perfect adjunct to exercise. Ultrasound and electrical stimulation help decrease pain and improve mobility. With joint mobilization, the joints are moved in specific directions. Joint mobilization is gliding motion that is relaxing to high tone muscles. The physical therapist also uses massage and kneads the injured tissues of the body to enhance healing. All of these treatment modalities help decrease pain, reduce swelling, improve circulation and decrease muscle tension. Your physical therapists will also instruct you in home exercises to enhance recovery from a shoulder injury. With physical therapy, healing is faster, and you won’t have to rely so much on pain meds.

Have you suffered a shoulder injury?

Do you have shoulder pain and don’t know why? Get the answers and treatment you need to get on the path to recovery. Contact us at Happy Valley & Sandy, OR centers for a personalized consultation and effective treatment plan. Our certified and skilled physical therapists have helped many others recover from a shoulder injury and can help you too. Recovery is just a phone call away.