Blood Flow Restriction Training Happy Valley & Sandy, OR

Blood Flow Restriction Training

What is Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR)?

Simply put, BFR training is the process of controlling the rate of blood delivery and return from an area. BFR has been around in some form for years but has recently been updated by formalizing and defining when and how to use the technology. Simple bands (the original application of BFR) has a risk of injury to tissues which has been reduced through improved equipment that includes wider cuffs and real-time Doppler monitoring of blood flow and automatically adjusting pressures. Similarly units are available that operate off of a manual or pneumatic cuff but currently, there is only one system that provides real-time monitoring and determines safe pressures. This is why we use the Delphi unit by Owens Recovery Science.

“The exact mechanism behind the positive results seen with PBFR is still being extensively researched. Theories range from a significant build up of metabolites by anaerobic metabolism, a systemic anabolic response and cellular swelling. It is most likely a combination of multiple factors. It does appear that muscle protein synthesis plays a primary role as this has been consistently demonstrated in the literature.”

– Owens Recovery Science

How does it work?

By using mid-range pressures that result in 60-80% occlusion (blocking flow) for short periods of time, simple exercises at very low resistances are used. These exercises cause the adaptations typically seen with very heavy work while using very low loads. This allows people to prevent the atrophy of muscles during an injury or after a surgery. It is also a great way to improve surgical outcomes when used before surgery. Sessions are typically performed 2-3 times per week and can last between 30-60 minutes.

Is it safe?

If you are able to safely perform light exercise and are in good enough health to have a surgical procedure (even though this is NOT a surgical procedure) this process is safe. We use the same criteria for safety of applying this equipment that is used by the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses.

Who uses BFR?

Currently, there are only 6 providers in the Portland, OR area certified to use this level of equipment, and we are one of them. However, there are 22 NFL teams, 15 MLB teas, 9 NBA teams (including the Blazers), 5 NHL teams and 35 Universities I their athletics departments (these numbers are growing every day).