Exercise Based Treatments Happy Valley & Sandy, OR

Exercise Based Treatments

If exercise is not part of your therapy plan then you are missing out. In addition to this, the exercises you receive in therapy should be specific to you and not a tired photocopy that is handed to every person through the door. The exercises you perform in therapy should be closely monitored by your physical therapist without exception to ensure that technique and full understanding are achieved.

Exercises are really just a foundation for promoting patterns and skills. Each exercise should be selected with a specific purpose in mind. The exercises selected should fit into the level of intensity, complexity and specific need of each patient. Our clinic is designed to be a versatile platform to perform as wide of a range of activities as possible. Expect that the activities that you perform in therapy either mimic skills that you need to improve your function or challenge deficiencies in your actions. We have a range of equipment from simple bands and weights to barbells, squat racks, and kettlebells. Programs range from simple seated exercises to dynamic Olympic or CrossFit based programs, and from walking and jogging to agility and sprinting.

We are careful to structure and scale a smart progression to minimize discomfort whenever possible and progress you as fast as possible, resulting in reduced costs and improved outcomes. Exercises should be kept to a simple core that can be performed in and out of the clinic to enhance your ability to get stronger and relieve pain. If you ever feel confused or overwhelmed by the exercises you are given, talk to your physical therapist to simplify the program. We provide printed and digital copies of exercises for patients to allow greater access in any location or situation. The digital copies of exercises are video based so you can see how to do each exercise, with notes from your physical therapist. Stop the guesswork, move past “off the shelf” exercise into specific programs to make a real difference.

Contact us at Happy Valley & Sandy, OR centers to discover how to redefine corrective exercises. We always start with a complete evaluation and consultation taking your entire medical history into account to ensure the best outcomes for each patient.