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Performance Training

Most people don’t think Physical Therapy when they think performance and sports training, but given the training of PTs, they have become a leading resource for performance training, especially when injury prevention is a consideration. A smart design of a training program will not only get you the results that you want faster and more safely but can also be more specific to your goals and training constraints. Often times development of these programs can be incorporated into treatment for an injury and are therefore covered services under your insurance. While not every clinic is sport oriented, every clinician should be able to adapt your sports needs into your rehabilitation program.

What sets Ascent Physical Therapy apart from other clinics is prior experience in training high-level athletes that have ranged from weekend warriors, dedicated age group athletes, college sports teams training programs to junior Olympics. Our programs are rooted in science and focused on outcomes. We try to make sure that we tip our hats toward fun whenever possible too. We have a wide range of personal experience athletics that gives us firsthand knowledge of the demands of your specific sport.

One of the more common shortcomings we see is the neglect of power training with endurance athletes. Runners and cyclist are particularly susceptible to the idea that because the primary focus on their sport is longer distances that power training is not important. Power training does not mean that endurance becomes limited and it also does not mean that an athlete will become bulky or heavy, instead, it means that their muscular performance will become more diverse resulting in better showings in competition. Often times training power in your primary mode of competition is less efficient than carefully crafted interventional exercises.

If you have questions about how working with a performance-focused PT will benefit your training, give us a call and we can schedule a consultation. Every athlete should have an injury prevention component in their training designed by a rehab professional because nothing slows you down more than injuries that disrupt your training. For more information, Contact us at Happy Valley & Sandy, OR centers.