Pain Relief For Arthritis Happy Valley, OR

Carrie A

It did not take long for me to get out of the boot, to start walking and then hiking again.

When I first came to see Patrick Webinger at Ascent, I’d just spent the last few months in a hospital bed in my dining room. A fall from my yurt art studio in the woods left my ankle so severely broken, my foot was completely severed from my leg. EMTs, an ambulance, the ER, a surgery, screws and metal plates, and five days in the hospital followed. Then I was sent home. My ankle was non-weight bearing, and so incredibly painful on the knee scooter that I barely moved for many many weeks.
I’d had a lackluster experience with physical therapy in Seattle more than a decade earlier. The one-on-one interaction with the PT was limited to just a few minutes. The process was standardized and not personalized to my needs. I often left those Seattle sessions feeling worse than when I’d arrived. I wasn’t going to seek out a PT this time around, but a friend kept urging me to do so. I am so glad she did.

With Patrick, it was different. We had an hour. He sat and listened, both to the physical complaints, and, surprisingly, to the emotional ones, too — brought on by helplessness and pain. He had a vast knowledge of injuries and was adept at researching different aspects of physical recovery. He was an encyclopedia of knowledge. And he was a great listener. Sometimes, being able to talk was as important as the actual physical exercises. I felt heard and seen.

I was given printouts describing each exercise to take home, and info about an online portal that I could access from my home computer. Photos, videos, and instructions on the exercises were uploaded to this private portal. I was so impressed with this portal, that I started researching using something similar in my own business.

It did not take long for me to get out of the boot, to start walking and then hiking again. During those weeks confined to bed, all I could think about was going dancing. I just wanted to dance. And that too, over time, became possible. Today, I’ve been able to go even further, and have begun working out. I believe my attitude has improved, as well — not just from the time of the injury, but from prior to the ankle break. This is the mark of true “healing”.

I cannot thank Patrick and Ascent enough. The personalized one-on-one attention, the adaptable approach, and the knowledge base of the PTs combine to create a truly unique and deeply healing experience. I will be referring everyone I know to Patrick and Ascent now and in the future. Thank you guys for everything!