Pain Relief For Arthritis Happy Valley & Sandy, OR

Helene S.

I can do almost everything I want.

After 20 plus years of knee pain due to osteoarthritis, I decided to go ahead and have total knee replacement surgery. When I did my research I learned the key to making a full recovery was to comply with all doctor instructions. However, the most important key was to get to physical therapy sooner than later.

Again, I began researching physical therapists in the Happy Valley area. After reading about several local therapists I came to the conclusion that Ascent Physical therapy was my first choice. I called my orthopedics’ office and without even requesting Ascent Physical Therapy to be my choice for therapy…they suggested that I go see Dr. Derek Lawr at Ascent. Within hours of my call to my doctor, Amanda at Ascent called and scheduled my appointment.

Now the hard part was about to begin. I was in pain and quite swollen but determined to get this knee back to normal. Being somewhat nervous about starting this arduous task, my mind was put to ease as soon as I met Derek. He was very friendly and explained every step we would take together. His knowledge of rehabbing a total knee replacement was a huge relief to me. Derek explained his treatment plan for me and off we went. We met twice a week and he put me through several exercises some easy and some not so easy. The key is to challenge yourself for the best possible outcome. Upon my first appointment, Derek did an assessment of everyday activities and my score was 30% and after three months my new assessment was at 94%.

Thanks to Derek I can do almost everything I want to but I still have some work to do. It will take me another three months or so to feel like myself but it was well worth it. I truly believe that physical therapy is the key to having a great outcome and I highly recommend Ascent Physical Therapy and Dr. Derek Lawr.

PS…I still have the other knee to do and I am happy to know I can go back to Ascent to rehab and get back to normal. Thanks Derek…see you soon.