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Treating Tension Headaches Happy Valley

%name Treating Tension Headaches Happy ValleyThere are several different types of headaches and type of headache can be caused by various components from stress to genetics, injuries or even carrying a heavy backpack. Migraine Headaches blend neurologic input and physical irritation into a pain that is often accompanied by nausea and can even cause changes in vision and other sensations. Cervicogenic Headaches are described as a pain that wraps over the head and a pressure behind the eyes. These are often caused by the muscles of the upper trapezius, elevator scapulae and suboccipital muscles that hold the posture and stability of the neck. When these muscles are used incorrectly, it can compress and irritate the nerves in the back of the neck and into the scalp.

Tension Headaches and usually caused by pain in the neck and shoulder and typically the pain is present on both sides of the head. Physical therapy can help correct the underlying condition and resulting Tension Headache symptom. To learn more bout our process of treating Tension Headaches, and the underlying problems causing them, contact us at Happy Valley, OR center to schedule your consultation today.